VisLies 2023!

VisLies 2023

Wednesday, October 25 12:00 – 1:00 PM
Held at IEEE VIS 2023
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, Room 103

This fun and engaging event showcases examples of egregious perceptual, cognitive, and conceptual errors in visualization, presented by members of the VIS community. Examples from our own work, from published papers, and from the internet highlight the many ways the visual representation can misrepresent the underlying phenomena in the data. This is a great opportunity for amusement and for learning, and every year we walk away with a smile on our faces and a deeper sense of responsibility that may one-day impact the world.

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Call for Participation

VisLies is an open forum for anyone to present their favorite visual misinformation. Make VisLies more fun for yourself and everyone else by sharing your favorite (or most deplored) ways to misrepresent data.


VisLies is looking for any examples of visualization examples or techniques that take honest data and present them in ways that mislead or confuse the viewer. We are looking for presenters to provide example visualizations, produced from either others or themselves, that demonstrate how that visualization deceives. These examples help teach us in an entertaining way. Common examples of misleading visualizations and techniques include

  • Visual and cognitive cues that misdirect attention and/or slant the interpretation of the data
  • Misrepresenting uncertainty (especially for influence or profit)
  • Exaggerated scaling
  • Misrepresenting changes over time
  • Cherry picking data
  • Misusing and abusing color
  • Using features difficult to compare (like area or angle)
  • Misleading context or labeling
  • Inconsistent placement
  • Hiding with aggregation or highlighting outliers
  • Confusing 3D perspectives

The list goes on. Really, anything you find that detracts from the data is fair game.


There are lots of great reasons to present at VisLies.

  • It’s fun! No, seriously. Showing humorous visualizations is a blast.
  • No peer review! It’s so much easier than trying to get in any other VIS venue.
  • Be featured on our blog! We’ll even place a link to your web site. Increase your rank on Google searches.
  • Get recognized by your peers! This is a great low barrier way to present at VIS. (Great for students!)


Becoming part of VisLies is easy. Simply send an email to with your name and a note that you want to present. That’s it.


Questions? Contact us at

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